URBAN CULTIVATOR believe that gardenig

is an indispensable part of children’s education and personal development. Learning through gardening connects kids to their food diet and community needs, engaging them in nurturing a healthy planet.

URBAN CULTIVATOR enable schools to organize living laboratories where lessons are drawn from real life experiences and fueled by a child’s innate curiosity and enthusiasm, providing a unique and

dynamic environment to observe, discover, experiment, nurture and learn.

URBAN CULTIVATOR envision a future in which school garden education helps

children become healthy adults who know the basics of growing food, and

contribute to a sustainable society.

The importance of encouraging children


living plants is clearly recognized.

It broadens childrens’ education and improves their health, offering also a valuable training in real life industry

and thrift.

School Gardening benefits include:

1.    School gardening is a wonderful way to teach students valuable agriculture concepts.

2.    Gardening integrates with other subjects including math, science, art, health/physical education, social studies,

3.    Gardening helps kids set and achieve educational goals such as personal and social responsibility.

4.    By learning focus and patience, cooperation, teamwork and social skills, students gain self-confidence and a sense of "capableness".

5.    Students become more fit and healthy as they start choosing healthy foods over junk food.

6.    Garden-based teaching addresses different learning styles and intelligences.

7.    Achievement scores improve because learning is more relevant and hands-on.