Corporate Catering

Done Right

By now, we’ve all heard that Google offers its employees a nearly endless and incredibly diverse menu of primarily locally-sourced, organic meals for free.
Workers who are well-fed by their employers tend to have higher job satisfaction and be more productive.

Google isn’t merely keeping its employees physically satisfied.

Its culinary program is about more than free food, using its cafeterias to create an engaging corporate environment, and to communicate a much larger message about its companywide values.
Even without a massive budget or multiple cafes, your company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE can still put Google’s food philosophy into practice!  Thanks to URBAN CULTIVATOR your team will have access to a wide variety of healthy dishes to create a similar kind of excitement and energy in your workplace.
URBAN CULTIVATOR enables private companies and public organizations in the UAE to develop and reinforce corporate culture through exceptional food, fostering an attitude of nutritional awareness, while teaching the basics of balanced nutrition and reasonable portion sizes.

Using URBAN CULTIVATOR also helps deter employees from making poor meal choices

 and help them easily maintain a regular schedule of healthy eating, which in turn helps with weight control and improved overall health.
 and help them easily maintain a regular