Urban Cultivator Residential is an appliance that’s perfect for any household, whether you’re living alone,

or feeding a

family of five.

Food at your fingertips

These appliances make growing your own food easy thanks to automatic humidity, lighting, and watering functions.
You’ll also be providing your loved ones with highly nutritious and incredibly flavorful greens that make store-bought produce pale in comparison.
Through growing your own, you’ll also be effectively eliminating your carbon footprint, removing the lengthy journey your food must travel before it reaches your table out of the equation.
Growing in an Urban Cultivator Residential means that you’re helping create a greener, more sustainable future.

For a better future

Channel your culinary adventures

Urban Cultivator offers over a wide variety of microgreens, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, from everyday herbs like parsley and basil, to more adventurous ones like shiso and sorrel, assisting you on your culinary journeys.

Consumer demand for green appliances is growing faster
than ever. According to a 2014 builder survey by the National Association of

Home Builders,
the top 3 priorities for new homes are:

3. Efficiency

1. Convenience

Harvest time from the Urban Cultivator to
your plate.

2. Livability

Everything grown in an
Urban Cultivator is
100% fresh, organic
and healthy
Yearly energy cost of
an Urban Cultivator

The Residential model is easy to install. It is a standard size appliance, about the size of a dishwasher and has the same basic requirements.

Each Residential model plugs in to any standard 110 volt or 220 volt outlet. If you selected the city water hook-up, then the plumbing work should be done by a certified professional.