Urban Cultivator Commercial

Revolutionize your menu with ingredients grown in-house

Grow all year long

Grow herbs, microgreens, and vegetables for your hotel or
restaurant 365 days a year. Nothing beats the flavor and
overall quality of greens freshly harvested. It’s a difference
you and your customers will notice and appreciate.

Great for Business

Growing your own shows your commitment to locally
sourced and sustainably grown ingredients, and it cuts
down on unnecessary waste. Harvest what you need,
when you need it, and let the rest continue to grow.

The Urban Cultivator Commercial is meticulously designed
to maximize yield while using minimal energy. Depending
on the amount of greens you go through per month, the
Urban Cultivator Commercial can pay for itself in just
under a year

Do you know all the benefits of
growing your own food?

Eating locally has received a lot of publicity lately, but why should you care?
Eating locally through growing your own might have obvious environmental benefits, but consider these other perks:

100% organic

Keeping pests away is the most difficult obstacle when growing organic produce.

No pesticides are required when you’re growing
with an Urban Cultivator.

Full nutritional value

Transporation time removes nutrition by the time it hits the store, then the shelf, then your table. By growing your own, you get the optimal nutritional levels.

Superior flavor

Tasting farm-fresh produce is to experience
food at its full potential. Growing your own
ensures freshness and complex flavors.

From farm to fork in

10 seconds

or less

From your Urban Cultivator Commercial to your plate to a patron—it's as fresh as it can get. Growing in an Urban Cultivator means that you harvest the second you're ready to plate.

Organic All The Way

Align your restaurant or hotel with the organic movement by growing your own food in an Urban Cultivator. No chemicals or sprays are used at any point.

New Depths of Flavour

Set your menu apart with intensely flavorful microgreens and herbs right at your fingertips.

Product dimensions:

Depth: 29 1/2” (74.93 cm) - Depth w/ Door: 54” (137.16 cm) - Width: 66” (167.64 cm) - Height: 79” (203.2 cm)
Small Heading